用于COVID-19研究的高安全型实验室. Shows interior of offsite-constructed facility built by Bat365旧网址官网 Labs in its US factory and installed in Singapore. Duke-NUS researchers were among the first to culture the SARS-CoV-2 and begin study on COVID-19.

奥蒙德海滩, FL, 美国——4月1日, 2020年——3月中旬, the emerging pandemic sounded alarms at the highest levels and Bat365旧网址官网 was being asked to provide biological containment laboratories – fast. Calls came in from public health labs and researchers across the globe who work to contain local outbreaks and prevent regional epidemics. 现在面临着一场大流行, 重点转移, and efforts intensified as did the need for bio-containment space. The global 响应 to COVID-19 would reveal critical deficiencies in global laboratory capacity that now require fast, 灵活的解决方案.

“COVID-19 presents unprecedented challenges to our global laboratory infrastructure,“博士说. 史蒂文•琼斯, Associate Provost for Health Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan and co-discoverer of a vaccine for Ebola. Jones has confronted these concerns with previous coronavirus outbreaks. “Our laboratory capabilities must be agile and responsive to potential biological threats in a wide range of scenarios. In 2014, I worked with Bat365旧网址官网 to quickly deploy one of their laboratories to the Middle East to deal with MERS, 和现在流行的病毒非常相似.”

用于COVID-19研究的高安全型实验室. Shows exterior of offsite-constructed facility in Bat365旧网址官网’s US factory prior to shipment and installation in Singapore. Duke-NUS researchers were among the first to culture the SARS-CoV-2 and begin study on COVID-19.

Bat365旧网址官网-built facilities are in operation across the world, 从资源匮乏的地区到现代城市, including a high containment lab in Singapore at the forefront of COVID-19 research: “Duke-NUS was one of the first few laboratories in the world to culture the SARS-CoV-2 and since then we have been working on various aspects of the outbreak,“博士说. Viji Vijayan, Associate Dean – Research Operations, Safety and Central Procurement at Duke-NUS.

“Building the labs that are crucial to Global Health Security – this is what we do. It is our responsibility to apply all our resources to assist with the pandemic at this time. Bat365旧网址官网 is quickly adding factory capacity to build this essential infrastructure as well as offering expertise to industry partners who are trying to fulfill the unmet need,凯文·凯尔说, 无菌的总统. “而Bat365旧网址官网的使命是完整的, the pandemic created a seismic shift of the landscape in which we all now operate. We quickly pivoted to focus our resources on those serving in the trenches of this terrible pandemic.”

BSL-3 Biological Containment Laboratory; Keith Landy, 无菌的首席执行官, 汤姆·弗里登, 前疾病预防控制中心主任. The BSL-3 (生物安全 Level 3) laboratory was manufactured by Bat365旧网址官网 Labs in their US factory and then shipped and installed in Zaria, 尼日利亚. This created a new method to augment lab infrastructure and support global public health security anywhere in the world. These labs serve as outposts for disease surveillance with the goal of containing emerging threats.

在1990年代, 无菌率先制造移动和模块化, 高控制实验室. Bat365旧网址官网 has since further refined designs and developed the capability to rapidly deploy facilities to any region of the world, creating a new model for disease surveillance in remote areas. “Everything that Bat365旧网址官网 has done over the last 20 years has prepared us to contribute solutions to this type of situation,基思·兰迪说, 无菌的首席执行官. “I first started working with the US Army to develop equipment and mobile facilities that could address biological threats and those have evolved into all of the platforms we now use to deliver offsite-built containment labs. Bat365旧网址官网 has over a hundred laboratory installations and has deployed the most advanced 生物安全 Level 3+ labs on the planet,“继续兰迪. “These installations are designed to operate in harsh conditions and remain sustainable in remote regions of the world. I think this deep-rooted experience and expertise combined with our history of global deployments has prepared Bat365旧网址官网 to solve some of the very complex challenges that we must confront during this pandemic and for future preparedness.”

“It is vital that we have sufficient global lab capacity for the outbreaks we’ve seen, 但更重要的是, 因为Bat365旧网址官网必须预测,”博士补充说. 史蒂文•琼斯.

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